Holiday Box

This year give the gift of inspiration with GMG's first ever Holiday Box. Featuring nine wonderfully festive items crafted by female artists, it's the perfect way to bring cheer to this holiday season.


What's inside?

Game Dev 101 Booklet

The Game Dev 101 Booklet comes with platformer video tutorials and pixel art asset packs custom made by Glory Dang. The booklet and tutorials teach you the fundamentals of game development and how to create a 2D platformer!

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Now accepting orders until December 4th. Orders ship around mid December. Guaranteed Christmas delivery for all domestic orders.


About the Artists

Girls Make Games works to inspire the next generation of designers, engineers, and artists. We love our fellow artists as they pave the way for young artists and designers everywhere. Discover the stories of these wonderful women.

Reimena Yee

Reimena Yee is a strange and fancy illustrator who enjoys way too many things for her own good. Hailing from the dusty city of Kuala Lumpur, she travels the world (mostly digitally) to take inspiration from its endless offerings and tell some good stories. She has worked with clients like BOOM! and Girls Make Games, and is dedicated to her webcomic, The World in Deeper Inspection.

How did you become an artist?

It's nothing really special; I just liked to draw as a hobby and I wanted to get serious with it, so I started going serious when I was 12-13. I also have this passion for telling stories that comes from my love of reading, so drawing is one way for me to do it and convey the worlds/characters I've in my head. It's just years of doodling and learning and strategic patience until I got to where I am.

Advice for aspiring artists

-Always give yourself breaks from time to time (at least once a week) to play games, read books, learn things, watch movies and go out to do things that inspire you.

-You're an artist even if you don't draw everyday, or if you don't do art as a career. I am a professional artist but I don't go to art school; I am doing STEM, and have always been since high school, and I'm looking to find a job in it.
What defines you as an artist is if you love art and it makes you happy.

-Have another hobby that isn't art. Photography, dancing, cooking, hiking, archery, whatever. You'll realise how valuable having this second hobby is when you end up getting an art block.

-Learn more than one skill. While it is possible to succeed on art alone, it will take time so be persistent, patient, and of course, practical.

Check out more of Reimena's work here!

Katie O'Neill

I'm Katie, a freelance illustrator and children's book author from New Zealand. I'm best known for making the webcomic-turned-comic-comic Princess Princess Ever After, and I'm currently working on a comic called The Tea Dragon Society, which can be read online before being released as a book by Oni Press next year.

How did you become an artist?

I wouldn't say I'm an artist by accident, but I set out in a completely opposite direction. I graduated from University with a BA and worked as a copywriter and web admin for about four years. However during that time I never stopped drawing or putting my work online, and was fortunate to also be offered freelance comic work. My personal projects began to grow, and before I knew it I was working on art full time.

Advice to aspiring artists

From my journey, what I've learned is that there's no right or wrong path to becoming an artist, and there's also no right or wrong way to be an artist. If you draw everyday for a living, that's awesome, and if you draw for fun on weekends, that's awesome too! Just keep drawing whatever it is that makes you happiest to draw.

Check out more of Katie's work here!

Glory Dang

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Glory is a Chinese-American artist currently studying art and design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Becoming an artist

My artistic endeavors began in kindergarten, when I won a drawing contest by illustrating a family of pink poodles. But, my devotion to the arts wasn't decided until a decade later, when I realized that there are real people out there who draw pink poodles for a living, and they're doing just fine!

Advice to aspiring artists

No matter what people say, don't forget that art is a mode of communication and self-expression, and at its fullest potential, can plant ideas, move crowds, and ignite powerful movements. But it all starts somewhere, even if it's just pink poodles. 

Check out more of Glory's work here!